Deployment in DevOps

DevOps is the first, a matter shifting of the traditional business culture more than the tool and technologies that enable it. DevOps is one the the best culture to do continuous deployment. Continuous deployment stands as one of the prevailing goals of effective DevOps. CI/CD and the continuous tools and process are all in some way related to facilitating the flow of continuous deployment or monitoring and managing it after the fact that feeds back to the beginning of the loop and back to deployment.

The main benefits for continuous deployment appear as a result of reducing lead time, the time elapsed between the identification of a requirement and its fulfilment, with two main consequences:

1. For each feature, after it is developed, an earlier return on investment, which lessen the need for large capital investments
2. Earlier evaluations from users on each new feature, which allows for A/B testing to establish which of several possible implementation is preferred by clients

CI and the two CDs can provide an outstanding environment for the entire DevOps team, while the benefits greatly outweigh the challenges, and high quality can be achieved even for very large capacity and scale systems, while delivering value and innovation very fast in same time.

Well, continuous deployment has additional costs, as it depend on instrumentation to ensure that new functionality does not result in bugs and also in infrastructure that allows effortlessly backing out new features when a defect has not been caught by automated tests. And i think rely on this fact, i don’t agree with the summation that everyone should do CI, someone has to do CD as well. Only the rare few should strive for continuous deployment.



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